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    With, exercise and health is not a dream; it’s a

wonderful journey and a great service is a cloud sport race service platform, built and operated

by Acer E-Enabling Service Business Inc.. It’s a community for the purposes

of interactivity, sharing, socializing, and encouragement. This platform is for

those that need to hold a sport race, such as professional associations,

profit organizations, non-profit organizations, groups, sport goods providers;

and it’s also for sports enthusiasts, their friends and families, contestants,

coaches and judgments. At, you can experience the

sensational and user-friendly technology to accomplish every angle of the

tasks during your race and enjoy it.

   Services and Beliefs

Our services include information bulletin, flier query, online-registration, multiple payment options, chip timer, and individual results query.

We  also provide you the convenience to post messages, share, manage your personal health, organize communities. It is a platform of  

the sport  leisure industry with a multi-level, win-win, mutual interests and cooperative relationship for those who pursue and enjoy sports  

and healthy  lifestyle. Our philosophy is “enjoy sport, passionate sharing, living healthy, openness, and growth with mutual interests”. 

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    Service statement


          For the service of races and online registration, this platform only provides information relating to the races and passes the registrants  

          and sign-up information to the main race organizers. The actual quality of contents relating to races and fliers is controlled by the main  

          race organizers.