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Privacy Statement Membership Service Clauses

  I. Confirmation and Agreement on the service clauses

ACER E-ENABLING SERVICE BUSINESS INC. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) provides related services from this website ( in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the service clauses specified hereunder.

This website strictly enforces the service clauses and related rules and regulations as released in providing related services. In using all services provided by this website, Members (hereinafter referred to as either “Member(s)” or “You(r)”), Members undertake to accept and abide by all rules and regulations contained therein. This website reserves the right to establish or revise the service clauses or related rules and regulations at any time as needed. This website will announce any change in the service clauses on its website. Members who disagree with the change shall cease to use this website and related services. Any revised service clauses shall be deemed effective once announced from this website. Accordingly, related rules and regulations shall also be effective as announced and shall constitute an integral part of the service clauses. Members who login or continue to use this website shall be deemed to have accepted the revised service clauses. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, any enlarged scope of services or increase in functions of this website shall be governed by the service clauses.

 (1) If You select the wording “I have read and agree with the service clauses specified hereunder” (or similar wording carrying the same meaning) and click “register now” (or similar wording carrying the same meaning), and successfully register as a Member of this website, it shall be deemed You consent and sign for the acceptance of the service clauses irrespective of Your reading and thoroughly understanding the service clauses before Your registration of Membership. (2) Your participation in any activity at this website, including but not limited to the registration for sports competition and making payment, shall constitute Your recognition of Your entitlement and legal capacity to purchase these services and merchandises, and Your assumption of responsibility of the authenticity of the information You provided for the aforementioned activities.

   II.  Introduction to the service

         1.This website shall provide online services for the Members with its own operating system via the Internet. Members shall:

(1) Prepare their own devices for access to the Internet, including PC, connection devices, and other installation for connection to the Internet.

(2) Pay for the expenses incurred from connection service to the Internet and the telephone services and data transmission service for using this service.

         2.For the online service to be rendered by this website, Members shall agree:

(1) To provide detailed, accurate, and true personal information;

(2) To continue the upgrade of their registration information for meeting the requirements of timeliness, detail, accuracy, and truthfulness.

(3) That this website shall automatically receive and record the server information of the Members from their browsers at the time Members use the service of this website and participate in the activities of this website or surfing through the web pages of this website, including but not limited to information on IP address and record of the web pages adopted by Members.

(4) That the Company may collect, process, and use the information on the Members, including their personal data, records of personal sports and competitions.

         3.This website shall not disclose or provide the nicknames, true name, IP, e-mail, mobile phone numbers and related personal information to any third party except under the following conditions:

(1) Personal information on Members disclosed to the organizers/co-organizers of competitions, or related partners under the service clauses of this website.

(2) As required by law, disclosure as per the request of administrative of judicial institutions.

(3) In the event of violation of the laws of the Republic of China, the service clauses, or related rules and regulations of this websites by the Members that it is necessary to disclose the personal information of Members to the organizers/co-organizers of competitions or related partners.

(4) For providing the merchandise and services that the Members demand, it is necessary to share the personal information of Members to organizers/co-organizers of competitions or related partners.

(5) Disclosure as required by applicable laws or in compliance with the service clauses.

4.The substantive content of services shall be provided depending on the activities or the actual situations of the competitions, including but not limited to:

The announcement of activities or information on the competitions, inquiry for profile, online registration, variety of payment services, IC timing, inquiry of result of personal sports and competitions, message, sharing, health management, community formation, and technologies for the sports and recreation service providers that organize related competitions and for service of the system.


5. Interruption and termination of service:

The Company reserves the right to alter, interrupt or terminate online services in whole or in part. The Company also reserves the right to change the types and forms of services provided by this website depending on the circumstances. The Company disclaims any damage to the Members from the changes in the aforementioned business. Members agree that the Company shall terminate the Membership account or the access to services of this website by the Members (in whole or in part) at any time for whatever reasons, and delete any information submitted by the Members in the course of using this website. The Company shall terminate the services of this website in whole or in part at any time with discretion without notice. Upon the termination of the user account, the Company is not obliged to retain any information of the original user accounts or related to the accounts, or to relay unread or unsent messages to Members or the organizers/co-organizers or related partners. In addition, Members agree that the Company shall disclaim any liability of damages to the Members or any third party caused by the termination of services from this website.


6. Members may request the Company to deregister the Membership of this website, and, at the approval of the Company, the service relation between the Members and the Company shall come to an end. However, this website shall retain the following rights after the termination of Membership:

(1)The Company reserves the right to retain the registration information of Members and the record on the activities in this website after the deregistration of Membership.

(2)The Company shall continue to exercise its right under the service clauses if specific Member has acted in violation of law or in defiance of the rules and regulations of this website during its perpetuity of Membership irrespective of deregistration as a Member.


7. The Company shall terminate the services from this website to specific Member through deregistration of Membership is any of the following applies:

(1) The Company reserves the right to terminate a specific Member in violation of the rules and regulations of the service clauses.

(2) The Company may consider to cancel the orders placed by a specific Member or permanently withdraw or terminate Membership if such Member returns the items purchased from and cancel the orders placed with this website indiscriminately, or engaged in any illicit behavior that caused damage to the Company.

(3) In the attempt to contact specific Member with the information provided by such Member, the Company discovers that the means of communication as stated in the information provided by such Member is invalid, and such Member fails to provide update information for effective communication within one month upon notice, the Company reserves the right to suspend any service to such Member.

(4) In the event of false information provided by specific Member in registration, the Company reserves the right to suspend any service from this website to such Member.

(5) Members explicitly express their rejection of the termination or update of the service clauses.

(6) In circumstances that this website deems it is necessary to terminate its service.

   III.Price, quantity, logistic service and billing

This website shall announce the information on the number of contestants admitted to a competition and the registration fee on the basis of the plan provided by the organizer of event or competition. The mode of logistics and billing shall be based on the regulations of the organizer of the competition for providing services.

   IV. Membership ID, PIN and Security

Once You complete Your registration with this website, You will be a formal Member and will be assigned a Password and Member ID. You may change Your Password at any time You like, but You shall keep and use Your Member ID and Password carefully. If You discover any illegal use of Your Member ID, Password, or Your personal information was being hacked, inform the customer service of this website immediately so that the Company can take appropriate action.

   V. Personal Information

      The Company shall inform You of the following in the transaction process in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act for the protection of Your personal information, privacy, and consumer interests:

(I) The purpose of collecting information:

The purpose of collecting Your personal information shall include but not be limited to: Customer account management and service, marketing of related services and products, business activities technology information/database management, statistical survey and analysis, planning or promotion of sports events and competitions, and online shopping. This website will directly or indirectly collect Your personal information in the course of Your joining as a Member, transactions, or participation in activities or competitions (e.g., through the organizers/co-organizers of activities or competitions or related partners):

(II) Type of personal information for collecting:

Personal information to be collected by this website shall include but not limit to:

(1) C001 for identification of individuals: name, address, telephone, e-mail, and record on related competitions such as photographs, scoring, and record on sports.

(2) C002 for identification of financial position: account information on credit card or at financial institutions.

(3) C011 for personal description: gender, date of birth.

(III) Duration, region, target, and means of use:

(1) Duration: From the date You completed Your registration as a Member to the date You request for deregistration of Membership, or the date the Company terminate the services to You.

(2) Region, target, and means of use: The personal information of Members shall be used in Taiwan and the place of delivery of merchandises. For the performance of contractual obligation, the Company shall provide information on Members who made purchases with this website to the suppliers and logistic service providers, or contractors or organizers/co-organizers or related partners to the Company within the scope of the aforementioned purpose. This website shall collect, process, and use personal information for specific purpose. In rendering specific service, the Company may also use personal information beyond the aforementioned purpose and will highlight the use of information for such purpose on the web page.

(IV) Members may request in writing for the exercise of the following rights on their personal information with the Company:

(1) Inquiry or request for viewing. (A fee may be applicable).

(2) Make replicate. (A fee may be applicable).

(3) Provide supplementary information or make correction.

(4) Request for stopping collecting, processing and use of information.

(5) Request for deletion.

If You do not provide the information required for registration of Membership or using the service of this website, You may not be able to use the services from this website in whole or in part. The Company disclaims any responsibility of damage to Your rights and privileges that may cause.

   VI. Rules of expression

Members of this website have the right of the freedom of expression and to revise, delete their own essays being published.

No Member of this website may express opinions containing the following content:

(1) Incitation of resistance, breach of the constitution or laws, and administrative rules;

(2) Incitation for subversion of the government, split up of the country, or jeopardizing national unity;

(3) Incitation of hatred among different ethnic groups, racial discrimination, and jeopardy to national unity;

(4) Anything containing elements of discrimination against race, sex, religious and regional affiliation;

(5) Fabrication or distortion of a material fact, dissemination of rumor, and disturbance to social order;

(6) Glorification of superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror, and solicitation of crime;

(7) Public insult or libel, or other forms of malicious personal attacks;

(8) Damage to the reputation of state institutions;

(9) Violation of the constitution, law, or administrative rules.

Members may present their essays in the discussion zone in compliance with this provision and other requirements of the zone, and are prohibited to release advertisement of any form in this website without the consent of the Company.

Members shall undertake to duly observe the laws of the Republic of China and the service clauses, and different forms of public interest and code of ethics when using this website, and shall assume full legal liability for any violation.

Members agree not to use any of the information or content of this website for commercial purpose, including but not limited to the citation, replication, public transmission or any other means of display of information of this website without prior consent in writing.

   VII. Ownership of the content of this website

The content of this website as defined by the service clauses shall include but not limit to: content of wording, software, voice, pictures, videotaping, charts, and advertising in whole, the content of e-mail in whole and other information provided by this website for the Members. The aforementioned content is protected by applicable laws to copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property right. Members shall obtain the Company prior authorization in writing before they may use such content, and shall not replicate such content, create derivative products pertinent to such content, or use such content in any other means without authorization. The copyright of the essays posted in this website is entitled to the Company. The prior authorization of the Company in writing is necessary for using these essays for publication.

   VIII.Limitation to liability

The Company disclaims any responsibility of the incomplete behavior and transactions, missing of related information and records of this website in case that the registration system or this website is frozen or cannot be used as usual because of force majeure or any other events that go beyond the control of the Company.

Members understand and agree that it is not the responsibility of the Company for damages that caused by the content or information released by this website to the Members, including but not limited to profit, good will, use, and information, or any other forms of intangible loss.

If any sports competition cannot be held on schedule due to force majeure or any event that went beyond the control of the Company, or, in the event of accident or injury to the participants in sports event or competition that ended up in dispute, the Company disclaims any responsibility.

   IX. The service clauses, supplementary notes to the clauses, and applicability of the clauses shall be construed by the laws of Taiwan, R.O.C. If any of the clauses becomes ineffective under law in whole or in part, the remainder of the clauses shall remain intact and in full force. In the event of any dispute deriving from the service clauses, the parties hereto agree to submit such dispute to the jurisdiction of the Taipei District Court of Taiwan.